Saturday, December 16, 2006

When it rains....

Oh crap! Now what do I do? On a whim, I put my name in the hat for the real deal - the Escape from Alcatraz on June 3rd in San Fransisco, and guess what - I won the lottery! I've never won any lottery ever, and really never expected to get the slot. But how cool would it be do swim that bay and finish this race?

Gosh, this would mean scratching the Rock and RollMan completetly....not a big deal. This would mean a June vacation in a really cool city that Mrs. Bigun really likes. This would mean really, really really ramping up my swim volume! First the OneOenO (now you can see why they make the second "one" backwards - the two "O's" togeather is much less cooler) and now this - talk about flexible planning.

What do you think - stay in my comfort zone and continue to march ("charlie-mike!") on the current plan, or start really busting hump and preparing for the 101 AND Escape from Alcatraz? These are really cool problems to have - with my luck going this way, I should pony up and spend the $35 to register for the Kona Lottery - good grief, then I'd have to go and find a M-Dot half to check the block to go to Kona - again, a nice problem to have.


Duane said...

That is too cool! I love watching the escape! You better get serious about that swimming (if you aren't already).

S. Baboo said...

Oh man. I think I would bag ANY race to do escape from Alcatraz, well, ulnless I got into Kona somehow. Alcatraz is one of the icon races of our sport!

I don't remember what St. Anthony's is in terms of distance but I threw in a sprint the weekend before my IM and went hard. It worked really well hitting the taper off a sprint. Actually the taper began 2 weeks before the sprint and then that final week was seriously low volume.

I think it's all doable but you'll be busy.

I've had my eye on the OneOenO too. Looks cool!

TJ said...

you can do rrman any ole time.
do alcatraz!

The Stretch Doc said...

Sweet Congrads on the lottery Win.
Wow, your in the Alcatraz race!!!!
Thanks for the reminder on the lottery for IM Hawaii, i gotta try for it!
rockon` bro

Donald said...

Congrats and have fun at Alcatraz. I've tried the lottery process without luck so far. I hope you have a thick wetsuit!