Friday, December 08, 2006


I hate to be a woosie. If I wasn't 42 and been through this a dozen or more times, I'd ignore it and keep on a-truck'in. But I know now that I'm on the verge of an injury, and it really sucks because I'm also right in the middle of this M-F x 6 weeks swim commitment. My left shoulder is giving me a heck of a time - a soreness that goes beyond sore from working out. I really felt it Thursday on my long(ish) bike - in the aero bars, I was fine - it was sitting up out of the bars that hurt.

I could continue to soldier on - it doesn't hurt that bad yet. But there's the kicker - yet. Maybe as an "endurance" athlete, I'm finally in tune with my body and training enough to sense good and bad pain - or perhaps I'm just not as stubborn as I used to be. Plus, it's the "off" season - and this is a base phase - the intensity is low, and anything left unaccomplished can be accomplished next week - hopefully.

So it's Saturday and this shoulder is still sore - not hurt - just sore. So I'll woosie onward until Monday and probably feel great for my swim, but still feeling guilty for my lack of stick-with-it-ness.

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Ken said...

Alright i am going to reply to all your posts befor the nights out. I always have problems with my shoulder, I partially tore my rotator cuff 2 years ago. Freeze a cup of water then pull the block of ice out(might need to pour some water on it to get out)and rub the ice where it hurts until you cant take it anymore. Do twice a day and it will definately help. You should probably do this after a swim even if it doesnt hurt. Hopefully this will help.