Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Breakfast

You set these resolutions and then first thing 2007 you are all hung over and have to go out to breakfast. There on the menu are all those awesome things - pancakes, sausages, strawberry toppings, whipped cream - right out of the shoot they tempt you.

I opted for a ham and cheese omelet. Not the worst choice and not the best - but I did opt out of the coffee (which I load up with cream and sugar) and "pushed away" from another slice of banana bread. I've got to substantially decrease the amount of sugar that goes into me. No more soda, no more coffee, no more chocolate. I almost grabbed a chocolate covered raisin left over from last night's festivities - almost.

So I'm back on the wagon - water and juice is about it for me, except for Gatorade on training rides. No more trips to the snack machine for a pop-tart or a 3-musketeer's bar. No more cookies with lunch. No, NO NOOOOO! Time to start sculpting the new me. The Svelte Clydesdale. Right....

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Tri-Dummy said...

If you're really motivated (Army Dawgs usually are...sometimes) you need to try one of those Naked Fruit/Veggie drinks.

Had my wife go out and buy and fridge-full.