Monday, January 22, 2007

Calling Out Myself

I can totally empathize with Bolder - life gets in the way. Perhaps it is even more than that, sometimes training gets in the way of life. This month, I'm tripping all over work and the house to try and get a few hours of training in. But, you have to have a roof over your head, and a nice yard, and paint on the walls - and - somehow you have to pay for all of that.

Of course there's also things like family and career that have their place in the priorities of life. Ten or more hours of training (or 7 or 8 as of late) is that many hours away from Mrs. Bigun - for some reason she still likes having me around. This time of the year, working 7:30am - 6pm with only 1 day off a week - it puts a strain on everything. I really shouldn't complain about getting in only 7 or 8 hrs of training. This work schedule lasts through March - so I have got to find a better way to get it all done!

I tried again to get up this morning to run with little success (actually, no success). I was still feeling last night's run - so I probably could use the recovery time. Juggling all this gets a bit stressful at times - I can see where a person trying to fit in 15 hrs a week, training for an Ironman, could use some time away from all this.

Once it becomes too stressful from a time-management standpoint, then it starts to loose it's fun-factor. That we just can't let happen. While this is my venue for stress-relief, weight reduction, health and fitness (and my work performance is better for it as well), it still needs to remain fun. So, I'll take what I can get (and figure out a way to get more) - and I'll understand when my blog-buddies take a week or month or two to shift focus as needed.

This is my good friend Hunter (well, he is an awesome dude and triathlete-ambassador...) and my buddy and college classmate Gerry from Nebraska who came down last year to race St. Anthony's with me (I'm the guy with the flat-top). See - we were having fun!


The Stretch Doc said...

I'm having fun!! I think..

Have a great day!!!

Bolder said...

thanks for understanding.

but, i won't disappoint you in the long run...

you have my word on it!

S. Baboo said...

Way to go! since I have completed an iron distance race I have shifted my training from "fastness" to fitness. I never intentionally go fast on the run, bike or swim in training I only do it when the mood hits me.

I end up putting in a pretty high volume of training but only because I find it relaxing and am able to manage other things in my life.

S. Baboo said...
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Tri-Dummy said...

2 questions...
1. Is that Hunter Kemper?

2. Where in NE does your buddy live? I live in North Platte.