Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Saga of the Tie

Now take a look at this tie. While it's not a bad tie, there's nothing remarkable about it. I could wear this tie, but it's not one I'd go out and buy. Jr. is holding my tie hostage until he gets his back. He claims that we "swapped" ties; my awesome tie for his mediocre, catchup stained one.

So today, at 10am, we are slated for a tie exchange. Negotiations have been successful, pressure was put to bear, and the Bigun will get his tie back. M. Bigun is happy - since the tie was a present (Mrs. Bigun buys most of the big guy's ties...) and has nearly resorted to violence in order to secure the release of said tie. Let these pictures represent proof of life - we've already seen the Tie d'Bigun, and I've been accused of no longer having this damaged, ugly, wrinkled, tired, stained tie.

Of course, if the tie exchange goes anything like my shoe brush and polish return, borrowed by the same individual and his roommate, I'll have to keep this crappy tie in my office (bound and gagged) for the next couple of weeks. Lets hope not - M. Bigun's prepared to take the next step - full breach.

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The Stretch Doc said...

Takem` down BigGun!! get ur tie back!!!