Thursday, January 18, 2007


Ahhh, a new training phase - the Build Phase! A welcome change in the Bigun's training. All base and no build makes Marc a dull boy. A couple of really good things came out of the past 4 days of "build" -

1) Ran a 8:29 pace for 6 miles - really cool - puts 8 even in my sights

2) Ran under 11:00 pace for 6 at 138 (high base) average HR - first time for under 11:00 pace in base - means my fitness has improved.

3) Knocked out a 3000m swim at a 2:00/meter pace - granted, with a couple of 1 min breaks, but still, getting there.

One thing thats getting me down is that my bike is falling apart - not my bike performance, but literally my bike! Got some brake issues, pedal issues, need some retaping of the aerobars - nasty - had both the front and rear tires slow leak on me (finished Tuesday's 50-miler with 40lbs of pressure in there - I was wondering why I was going so damn slow...) I've been sorely neglecting the beast. Time for some bike TLC.

This is my busiest time of the year work-wise, so my blog will likely suffer for it. I'm doing all that I can to get the miles in, but with my lunch swim done for a while, and working late, it gets hard. Small hill for a climber, right?

On a cool note - the routes for the Bradenton 101 are finally posted on the 101 site - something about actually seeing a route makes it all the more real to me. It's really cool that the transition area is only 40 miles from my front door.


Tri-Dummy said...

Nice work, man. This lady at the pool today swam 60 laps for her 60th birthday...which is 3000 at our pool. That's no joke...a good distance.

The running is looking good, too.

Bolder said...

keep workin' all the angles.

you are doin' great!

TJ said...

looks like you're progressing nicely. good luck with getting the beast in working order.

The Stretch Doc said...

Totally awesome.. your a speedOdemon!! I gotta work on that speed thing!!
have a great weekend! and dont work too hard!

Born To Endure said...'re doing way more than me...and you're a great runner too!! Keep up the work!!