Sunday, January 07, 2007

Run Focus

The month of January, and probably February for that matter, will be run focused - I'm such a crappy runner, that its going to take a lot of focus. In celebration of that fact, and in the knowledge of an easy week next week, I had an interesting weekend.

In the RaceAthlete Forum, I've made mention of my problems with my speedplay pedals. Well, they done left me again! The right pedal locked up on me, and spun completely off the crank arm, fortunately right at the beginning of the ride. Obviously I have not been keeping up with the greasing of my pedals - I really would like a set of pedals that require less maintenance! I was poised and ready for 62 miles this morning, so I had to do something...

Still clad in my bib shorts and riding shirt, I threw on a pair of sneaks and headed out on the loop. Planning on a ride today, I had run last night a good ways - 8.5 miles - so I started out good and sore. That didn't change much. For whatever reason, probably because the full loop is 11 miles, I decided to follow up my longish 8.5'er with a pretty long, slow run of 11. And slow it was - 2:24 later, I was on my way home.

I got a few goofy looks out here amongst the runners in my bibs - but they were really not that uncomfortable to run in. Running in bike shirts, I'd already learned, is no fun for me - the back of the shirt wants to hook under my ass and pull backward all the time, choking me. I had no choice though, I was goofy looking enough as I was, running in just the bibs would have been way too much.

Overall it was a crappy workout week. I could not get into a groove in the swim - hence my short 2 swim workouts. The biking was totally screwed - all that water from Tuesday's short ride was what probably caused the pedal to completely lock up. I guess the highlight of this week was the running - a 25 mile week is pretty good for me, especially with the 24 mile week the week before. I've got an Easy Week to snap out of it, and that's what I'm going to do.


Tri-Dummy said...

What the heck is up w/the speedplays? No probs w/my Looks.

You're the man for still doing some sort of workout.

Anonymous said...

i've had my speedplays for a while now and love them, no trouble at all. the lube gun really doesn't cost much, and it can be used for many other bike parts.

Bolder said...

snap out of it!

ok, my week 1 sucked donkeys.

so, yours should have too.

but, it didn't, for the most part, you got it done!

well done!!

S. Baboo said...

I've never ridden speedplays but I have NEVER had an issue with my Shimano Dura Ace pedals.

Once I was stuck out somewhere in central Texas with TWO flats. I was about 40 miles from where I was staying so I called my wife to come and get me. In the mean time I thought I'd have a bit of a run so I ran down highway 90, bike in tow in my cycling shoes (SPDs) until my wife found me an hour later.

The fun we will have once we dawn the title Triathlete!

Carrie said...

Thanks for the comment and compliments. I like how you linked the headers on the sidebar. You've got some nice features on your blog.

I've had problems before with my speedplays once but I think it was a user defect rather than product defect...actually, I'm certain of it. Middle of Alii Drive, week of IM, 6 mos pregnant. Not pretty.