Saturday, January 20, 2007

Super Show

So this is it - RV SuperShow week - one more day left of this madhouse we have once a year. Extended hours. Tons of people, customers and shoppers. Make loads of sales. Well, not loads. Turns out the RV Super Show was less than super. Really, more like a show.

The "season" isn't over, by any means. All the "snowbirds" come down from up north and stay until around March. Unfortunately, this year it's been a bit warm up north, so fewer folks have left or are leaving from places afar. I'm sure things will pick up, I just think this year it will be spread out a bit more than in years' past.

So now we are open at 9am on Sunday. Totally blows my Sunday 50-miler. Too bad - I just replaced my bearing-seized Speedplays with some Look Classics, and I'm looking forward to trying them out. Looks like I'll be run-focused for yet another weekend. My dogs are barking already....

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