Monday, May 12, 2008

Big'n Dummy Half

A turn of events puts the.bigun in the sights of a great week of training and pseudo-racing. No longer bound by 18 hrs of driving and a 4-day class this coming weekend in Charlotte, I'll be working and training as "normal". This weekend is the Florida 70.3 Half M-Dot in Orlando; we have a few friends racing and one in particular who is not. You guessed it - Tri-Dummy.

The Dumster and Family are coming to Disney for a few days of the big Rat. TD was intent on doing the race on Sunday, but waited too long to enter - hence - Tri-Dummy - so the Bigun will host the Big'n Dummy Half IM here at my year-round outdoor training center on Saturday morning.

The plan will be to meet up early, sneak him into my pool for 20 laps and then spend a long T1 heading out to Flatwoods, a 15 mile drive away. Obviously the faster swimmer gets a longer break - not sure how to time the T1 for each of us...may just call that a wash.

Once we get to Flatwoods, we'll have 12.5 mile loop to do 4 times, and a just under 7 mile loop to do once, for the 56 (and change) mile ride. It is what it is. Flat. Paved. Car-less. Should be pretty fast.

We'll get off our bikes (Dummy will have to borrow TriSherpaDi's 53cm Lemond road bike - she's been gracious in allowing a man to mount her...) and run that just-under-7-mile-loop twice - two full laps will probably be a bit longer than the official half - but this is the Big'n Dummy Half....

They don't call this Flatwoods 'cause there's any hills. It's oh-so-nice and flat. The only obstacles are little kids and their silly parents learning to ride their bikes or roller blades.
Of course, there are other bikers our there as well. Oh, and Dummy, please don't forget sunscreen. I'll bring plenty just in case you forget.

Flatwoods is awesome in that there are 4 water cooler points along the main 7 mile loop, as well as one at either end of the 12.5 mile loop. Bottom line: plenty of high quality H2O. Jetpack rode out here with me last week and had a hard time visualizing the park, and since TD will probably will hauling butt - I thought he could get a good visual with these pictures.

Hey, anyone else in the AO not racing on Sunday should feel free to meet us on Saturday morning for all or part of this.

No Medals. No Age Groups. No Clydesdale Division. And since TriSherpaDi and Mrs. Dummy will likely be at the beach while we sweat this half out, there will probably not be many pictures. But we'll try.

This taint the Iron Nut.


Tea said...

after all these years, you still don't get it, huh?

no pictures = (what? anyone? anyone?)

Jenny Davidson said...

Sounds fun--I am slightly regretful that I am doing the actual race, this sounds maybe less nerve-racking?!?

The Stretch Doc said...

hey that looks fun.. but why Flat.. is this a mano e mano race or what?
I thought CdA has hills.. humm..
better buckle down for that Hurricane eyeing FL..


Mike said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a day. have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Flat Woods? You meant to say Windy Woods, didn't you?

Cindy Jo said...

If I was still in FL I would join you! It is supposed to be in the low 60s and rainy for my long brick this weekend. GRRRRR

Comm's said...

Tell TD he HAS to take photos of you and then you'll catch up to him

greyhound said...


Hmmm. Flat. Don't you worry bigun. CdA is super flat too. And I hear clydesdales climb like freakin' mountain goats too.

Kate said...

Man, I am so jealous. I want to come to Florida and play (self supported HIM or the beach - that's a tough one, seriously)! You all have a fabulous day.

TriScanner said...

Awesome dude!

Anonymous said...

Maybe do it IM pace to work on pacing and nutrition?

If you go hard you might lose 2 weeks of quality training while you recover from crushing the Dumster.

IronTriTim said...

Bigun did you win your age group? ;-)