Thursday, May 22, 2008

Training Ride

Well, this ride is about the best I can come up with for my next two Centuries before CdA. Maybe I can add another 6 miles to the turnaround, which is in the hills, to get some more elevation out of it.

Looking at the version of the CdA route, I'm not sure that this training ride of mine isn't all that bad after all. Well, it is what it is.
What I really need is to get a few buckets of ice and fill my tub up - acclimatize myself to this cold water swim we have coming up. Warming up on some Idaho hills after that freeze-fest will be welcome!

What am I talking about? Here is the water temps for Lake CdA for the past 31 days. For all of us living below the Arctic Circle, 16 degrees Celsius is 61 degrees Fahrenheit....and even that sucks to swim in.

We got a long way to go, and a short time to get there. Record snows and a cold spring have made for a late snow-melt up there. I guess the prognosis is that even once it starts warming up temperature wise, the cold water runoff will still keep the lake perfect for a 6-pack of Corona, but bad for a two hour swim.

Unless you are built like a polar bear.

At least I have that going for me.


Mark said...

Enjoy your ride bro! Must be one of the last ones eh?

Unknown said...

Bigun, the built like a polar bear comment made me laugh out loud!

Unknown said...

BRRR! Do they make parka weight wetsuits??

Spokane Al said...

At this point I have begun to become resigned to the fact that it is what it is. And we will have a couple thousand or so close friends shivering in there with us.

Mike said...

Enjoy the ride! Look forward to hearing how it goes. Taking a camera???