Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Limericks

Rated R

Caution...the middle one is very Limerick-like....ie, dirty-ish...which is perfect for Blink...

There once was a girl named Lana
Who's header once resembled Madonna
Her one brush with fame
was in the Tomb of Shame
Drinking cocktails with her jailer TriMama

There once was a man named Blink
Who's balls, when he rode, they would clink
Women gathered around
to listen for that sound
And as he rode by he'd just wink -

There once was a man named Sweet Baboo
Who ran down the sole of his shoe
Now brothers and sisters
He got some big blisters
And he tried to anoint them with Gu!


Unknown said...

Funny. And strangely much tamer than I expected from you!

Cindy Jo said...

Definitely tamer than I would expect from you Bigun! Looks like your sidekick (ahem - notice I called him YOUR sidekick) is having a bad influence on you. Your fans deserve better.

Fe-lady said...

I just want to hear you sing all these after the race...can't wait!

The Stretch Doc said...

im with Fe-lady.. I wanna here you sing..lol..

pretty dang funny!!


Podium quest said...

Very funny.

Oly said...

I love it! Working on yours...