Thursday, May 01, 2008

Podcast Milestones

Without us looking, we've actually had one of our episodes (Hallowed Hall) roll over the 200 downloads mark. Granted, some of those folks googling Hallowed Hall are probably thinking they are going to hear something biblical or church-like. I'll bet that was a shock.

Our numbers are now pretty skewed...we produce two versions of each episode, in different formats for folks with different music devises. We try to accommodate. We can't really add the two together...I often see the same computer downloading both versions of the same episode, one of which I'm sure gets deleted.

It also looks like the MP3's get downloaded, at least in the newest podcasts, twice as much as the Steve Jobs version. As great and awesome as Mac is, this was a huge surprise to me (could you read the sarcasm there?).

It's also neat to see the spikes in downloads associated with the release of a new show. The unusual spike for Episode 6 coinsides with the publishing of all the "back" MP3 versions.

A big "Thanks" to all of our now approximately 200 listeners. It's cool to put this product together for you folks - and to get your feedback, which, by the way, is 99% positive. See'ins how you are as much a part of this show as we are, I thought you'd be interested in it's progress. Sorry about the chart, Nytro - hope you made it to a bucket or the bathroom on time.

The "feed" numbers are the important ones - those are all downloaded from our only feed; I-Tunes. When our ultimate goal is total domination of the Triathlon-related podcasts in I-Tunes, well, we have a long way to go, since #1 has 14,000 "feed" downloads per episode, granted, he's on his 61'st you think we'll even last that long?


Kevin said...

I found your podcast this week and have listened to all of them. You guys rock. I cant wait to hear your next one.

Oly said...

I've been with you guys since the beginning.

Seems like such a long time ago when you guys were just podcast newbies.

Keep em coming.

Paul said...

For me, itunes offers the MP3 version by default, maybe that's why you see more downloads of it.

TBH I'd prefer it if the MP3 one was on a different feed.

Jamie said...

Hold up. You guys aren't supposed to publish your stats!
How are you supposed to exagerate your numbers once Proctor and Gamble want to start sponsoring the show and throw millions of dollars at you?
Still trying to catch up on old episodes, I'm still a few back but should be up to date by next week.

Yeti said...

I love the podcast. Soon you two will be asked to appear on Oprah.

Ryan said...

When you take over Itunes with total Podcast Domination, don't forget us little people who were with you from episode one.

Jumper 2.0 said...

Both versions just automatically download to my computer. I know that with other podcasts you have a choice of which version to subscribe too. This is often high res or low res but I don't see why it couldn't be mp4 vs mp3. Having them be two separate choices may help your numbers. Also, some may choose the mp3 because it is 20mb less in size?
Does that make mp4 the clydesdale version?

Calyx Meredith said...

I haven't figured out how keep the MP3 version from downloading automatically even though I'm a devoted iPod girl. Sorry to be part of the skew. Also - even though it took me a while to understand what the heck y'all were talking about, I've come to really enjoy your show. Keep 'casting.