Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trained Anyway

Yea, yea, I know I said this would be a recovery week - hey, I guess my training this weekend would be recovery for some of you. I just got tired of hanging around while all my bloggie peeps busted their asses this weekend! 10 mile run Saturday, 77 mile bike on Sunday. Both in scorching 92 degree, high humidity and heat. Pools' closed.

Some CdA developments:

  • I flipped my stem - it raised my elbow pads a solid 2 inches. Wow! I'm not entirely sure it's less aerodynamic, but I was able to hold the position for the majority of my 78 mile bike this weekend. Bigun likey.

  • Thinking of renting wheels for CdA. Ship my bike sans wheels, hopefully in a smaller box, thus saving some shipping money. Maybe get some Zip 808's. Clydesdale version. Jetpack graciously offered to let me borrow his 404's, but if I broke one, I'd never forgive myself. In the hills, with my MASS, Clydesdales are the way to go.

  • The lake is still cold. And for the cold water uninitiated, yes - get the insulated swim cap thingy. Also, swim, even for short durations, as many times as you can at CdA before the race. You definitely get used to the cold water. The race guide said no footwear on the swim, BTW. Another thing - get some big goggles. Cover as much of your face as possible. It works. Trust the Bigun (who happens to be an Alcatraz vet...).

Well, under 30 days now. 4 more weeks. 2 training weekends. I'll tell you. For me, it's an advantage training in the heat (90's) like this. If race day temps are warm, I'll be ready. If they are cold, I'll do that much better. I trained all summer for my first Marathon. Race day, in November, was the first weekend cold snap of the year. I ran at a pace that was way faster than I ever did in training, or that I could have expected. Big guys have a harder time cooling themselves than smaller folks - any help I can get is welcome!


Kate said...

Good suggestions. I am so excited for you guys to get your race on. Here is an early good luck for you!

Duane said...

Hey Bigun! Nice mileage! Under 30 days? Holy crap!

Jenny Davidson said...

Hmmm, I hear you on the heat notion, this is a good & v. cunning plan...

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

great training!

Ditto on the training in the heat. I do NOT do well in heat.. my body just breaks down once it's overheated. This weekend was nice and cooler. Both Friday & Today I had :30/mile faster running paces for the same HR or lower due to the cooler temps.

Now, I just need that lake to get to 55-57 & I'll be A-OK! :-)

Podium quest said...

That's a big weekend of training. Sounds like your training has been going well.
I'm looking foreword to reading about your race.

By the way, I'm looking foreward to the show down between you & Baboo. You guys are both super fast. Will be fun to watch on IM live.

Tea said...

I have to read your blog when I have a few days....FREAK.

yea, you know what I'm talking about....did you think those IM messages just DISAPPEAR when you log off?

Supalinds said...

Nice weekend. Heat sucks...but wind sucks worse!